A limousine is a luxury vehicle, usually a sedan or saloon car that is driven by a chauffeur to drive customers from point to point.

Limousine service is usually used to transport senior poiliticians or foreign politicians, businessmen and important guests. Limousines with chauffeur are culturally associated with wealth and status. For those who are less wealthy, limousines are often used for special events such as proms, weddings and bachelor parties.

In Singapore, whenever we talk about limousines, the lengthened wheelbase with a partition between the chauffeur and the passenger image will definitely come into our mind. This is a wrong perception of limousine in Singapore. A BMW 7 series or S-Class Mercedes Benz could also be seen as limousine in Singapore as these models are bigger in size and possesses the “limousine” image to drive customers around in style and comfort.

Limousine services are commonly used in transport for important guests (VIPs), corporate events, important meetings in Singapore, Singapore tour, hourly booking of limousine and chauffeur and wedding events etc.

Valet-Singapore offers professional and luxury limousine services in Singapore to customers who are looking to get to their destinations in style. Not only that, limousine services could be used to honor the presence of our customers’ VIP customers so that they could enjoy first class ground transportation experience while travelling from point to point, making it a memorable journey for their VIP customers.

With our professional and well-trained chauffeurs, customers are assured a comfortable and safe journey. Customer’s safety is always our number one priority, which we emphasize more than anyone. Our professional and presentable drivers will be assigned to drive you around to your destination.

We offer limousine’s models range from S-Class Mercedes Benz, E-Class Mercedes Benz, BMW 7 Series, MPV 7 Seater Alphard Deluxe and 7-Seater Alphard MPV.

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