A chauffeur is someone being employed to drive a vehicle for his/her customers, usually luxury vehicles such as large sedan or limousine.

Chauffeurs could be someone being employed directly by the vehicle owner or limousine service companies that provide chauffeur and limousines to customers who are looking to travel in style and comfort.

In Singapore, due to the rising number of high net worth individuals, or people with assets of at least US$1million excluding their homes every year, the demand for such luxury services has been increasing. Limousine services companies are set up to cater to such high demand in Singapore.

Not only that, Singapore being identified as a global financial center and the most attractive country in Asia, a lot of foreign companies are looking to expand and grow their businesses in Singapore. Corporate clients are looking towards luxury limousine and chauffeur services so as to take good care of their foreign clients when they arrive at Singapore. They have to make sure that their foreign clients (VIPs) travel in style and comfort and enjoy the view of the landscape in Singapore while travelling around.

Singapore, being the number one tourist destination, is put at the top number one ranking in most of the tourists’ holiday list. Many Singaporeans have friends from overseas who yearn to come over here to visit our popular tourist attractions that include Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. Customers could travel around in Singapore with their foreign guests with chauffeur service. Having a chauffeur will prevent customers from constantly worrying about the heavy traffic while travelling around with your foreign acquaintances.

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