Private bus services in Singapore

 We offer private bus services in Singapore to customers who wish to travel in big groups of people from 10 to 49 people. Our buses range from 10-49 seaters so as to accommodate a large of people and ferry them from one point to another.

Corporations are our target customers as our buses could pick and fetch their office staffs from their house to the working place on scheduled basis. Our private bus services serves as welfare for their staffs as they can save on transportation fee and travelling time. With our private bus services, office staffs could reach on time, which could increase the overall productivity of the company.

Kindergarten/ primary schools are also our target customers. Our private bus services could pick up a group of children at the same area and send them to the school. Kindergarten and primary school students are too young to travel on their own and hence, parents will feel safer if their children could take the school’s private bus service to and fro. With the private bus service cater to these students, this will prevent them from skipping school and going home late after school.

We also offer private bus services on ad-hoc basis for corporate events, airport transfers, weddings, and excursions etc. It would be more time-consuming and hassle if they were to go themselves and the total accumulated transportation fee would be much expensive as compared to engaging our private bus services. Passengers will have more interaction with one another while on the way to their destination.

Ferrying of tourists between airport, hotels and popular tourist attractions is also one of our private bus services we offer to customers.

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